Take an Equestrian Themed Vacation in Portugal

Looking for a location for the perfect holiday? Imagining a romantic setting where you can ride horses along a shoreline or drink wine in a ranch while watching the sunset? Are you an equestrian looking for a hideaway where you can relax while you immerse yourself in your sport?

Portugal, most famously known in the sports world for its soccer team, is also a country that appreciates equestrian or horse-riding as a sport. Horsemanship is an art that has been practiced in Portugal since the High Middle Ages. Though horses then were used more for transportation and military activities, horse Dressage has always been a part of Portuguese tradition.

There are a number of excellent equestrian centers in Portugal, where you can take formal lessons with equestrian masters. If you are up for it, you can even opt to learn how to drive a traditional, Portuguese horse-drawn carriage. If you’re more adventurous, you can indulge your outdoor whimsy by riding through scenic parks and meadows within the vicinity. In these equestrian centers, you will only be riding the best horse breed found in Portugal – the Lusitano horses – a breed specially reared for competitions and equestrian sports.

Because equestrian is such a popular sport in Portugal, there are also a lot of horse shows you can catch during your stay.

Finally, Portugal is also known for quality Portuguese equestrian equipment – saddles, bridles, riding boots and other riding apparel. That’s why Portugal is a place a lot of equestrians like to frequent. It’s like a one-stop shop when it comes to horse aficionados: they not only get to have a good and relaxing time during the holidays, but they also get to spend some time playing the sport they love the most – horse-riding. And, they get to shop for quality horse equipment to boot!

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